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The testimonials below are from actual clients. The names of some of these clients have been redacted to preserve client confidentiality and anonymity.

My highest praise and appreciation to John Mansour of Mansour Law Group!

Mr. Mansour's comprehensive knowledge of Real Estate Law and his calm attentiveness made dealing with our situation bearable. He was responsive to our questions and concerns, taking the time to explain the law and how it applied to our case. Our situation was caused by the actions of a reckless Real Estate Agent who did not fulfill the stipulations in our purchase contract. We were purchasing from a close family friend and this had the potential to be devastating to our relationship. With John's help, we were able to purchase the home and save our friendship. He and his paralegal, Summer were able to resolve our case in less than a month. I highly recommend the Mansour Law Group to anyone who finds themselves in the need of legal counsel for a real estate transaction.

D. K. - August 27, 2020

I'm not good at writing reviews but I just had to share this.

I had a 96-year-old grandmother who was taken advantage of. I've been trying to recover her funds for over FOUR years.

One week before her trial she passed away and was unable to testify. I didn't know where to turn. Then a very humble and concerned lady referred me to John Mansour Law Group, which was the BEST news. She assured me that he was very professional and caring. We met right after court and he took my case. He was helpful and his team always kept us informed on our case. His team was on top of it.

They completely understood my frustration at the time but told me there will be times when you won't hear anything for a while. Just hang in there take it one day at a time, let us do all the work, live life, have fun and relax.

Then the big day came at mediation, but I was confident that all would go well and it did! I don't know how to thank John and his team enough for such an amazing and wonderful job on recovering the funds on behalf of my grandmother. She would be so proud of John Mansour Law Group & Staff!!

Elizabeth Mendoza - February 26, 2019

Dear Mansour Law Group

I just wanted to write this letter to thank John and his team for all the hard work they all put into our case. With that being said this is a thank you letter and a letter of recommendation for the Mansour Law Group. From the first day we met with John and his team there was a comfort and a sense of relief that we had came to the right place. We had just purchase what we thought was our dream home that turned out to be a nightmare when we found it was contaminated with mold. As we sat with John and his team we were very emotional and scared of the situation we found ourselves in but were assured by John it would be ok.

John and his team were fantastic for the entire time we fought this case and very compassionate and understanding to our feelings and emotions as went through the process. This is a group of people who care about the people they represent and understand how life changing a bad situation can be on people. For us we were very frustrated at times with the legal process and Johns patience as we vented was incredible. We want to thank him for always taking our call, for always listening and being that comforting voice when we needed it. John settled our case and we have now moved forward in getting our home fixed. John to this day still calls and ask how things are going and to say hello and get a update.

Through this devastating situation and all the ups and downs and emotional days we have not only settled our case but have gained a friend in John and his team. My wife and myself would like to thank The Mansour Law Group for making a bad situation comforting and for fighting for us to the end. We would recommend using John and his team for your legal issue and for great results. Thanks again to everyone at the Mansour Law Group you're the best!

Pete and Teresa Valentine - August 16, 2018

Well where can I start. The short and very complicated story here is that I had signed a house under my name back in 2010 at the age of 21 for some so called friends that I had considered family. Through the long and very stressful almost 5yrs having the house under my name as the only signer I came to find out through very disturbing calls from the mortgage company that the house was always behind months of no payments being made. Now in the start I would always confront the tenant and he would assure me that the house was paid up to date and nothing to worry about. Now this happened time and time again. I didn't know what to do and where to turn. They had assure me time and time again that they would be buying the house to get me off the loan and off course with no surprise it never occurred. Fast-forwarding to Oct of 2014, I had enough and I was furious now at the age of almost 27 and with a wife that was on my case and having two children of my own I said enough is enough! Through a friend she connected me with realtor Alvin Tapia, which he discussed with me the options that we had and how the market was a good time to sell the house if the tenants agreed to do so. I was kind enough to bring them the option and I got shot down that they wanted the house and they were going to catch the payments up and blah blah. Through the realtor he connected me with John Mansour and I have to say that since day one I was nervous and very scared for I didn't know what to expect having to come into an attorney's office. Since DAY ONE John has been of the upmost kind and respectful to my needs. I truly was blessed to have come in contact with John. He listened to me, he did everything in his power to move forward with my concerns and desires. I have to say that 5 months that we lasted with this case and the other party at the end of the day showing no proof of what they stated they and I had agreed to and even wasting the time of the attorney they had even acquired was all for nothing. We WON the case without even having to step into a court room!!! I have to tell the world that's how good JOHN MANSOUR was. We did everything by the book even when I was time and time again calling the office anticipating the final end of this nightmare. They are truly a great team in that office and I don't know how John does it because I called literally everyday day asking for updates, and though I'm sure I was bugging they still took the time to talk to me and give me there view into the situation and what the other party was up to. I recommend this office for any ANY real-estate issues. They truly are a voice for those that do good for others and get screwed. 5 yrs. of a true headache and stress, and I have to say that the 5 months it took to resolve this case was the best deal I can get. A huge burden off my life and shoulders. The house has now been sold and no more worries. PS: the office paralegal SUMMER is a true and awesome asset to the office. She was very very patient with me.

Oscar Rolando - April 24, 2015

I would sincerely like to thank John and his staff for the excellent work that they did for me. I had a very strange real estate arbitration case and John handled it like a master. John was upfront about what my costs would be and he stuck to that budget. In this day and age, that is a rarity. I would not hesitate to give a referral to the Mansour Law Group. Thanks again for a great outcome!

C.L. - February 13, 2015

We have our home because of your efforts. I will never forget you.


I've been meaning to e-mail you since last week.

We have resolved the issue with the ***** Home Owners, paying the balance that we indicated on our personal balance sheet and not the amount submitted by *****.

Sharon and I really appreciate the effort that you made in acting swiftly and professionally in our interests and we will surely recommend you to anyone in need of a real estate attorney, and definitely let ***** know how satisfied we were with her recommendation.

Alan & Sharon Mak

The service you give your clients is outstanding.

You take the time to listen to your clients information and make them feel at ease that a resolution will come.

The personal touch in making us feel comfortable during these tough times was greatly appreciated and our outcome was exactly as you mentioned in our first meeting. Your follow up on phone calls and email's to all of our questions even on weekends was tremendous!

Again great service and great results.

The Jimenez Family

I have worked with John Mansour in a short sale case and following settlement. John has demonstrated to be an authority in the matter and treated me with utmost professionalism and respect from the first meeting until we closed the case and beyond. John has gone the extra mile for me, which leads me to recommend him and his firm without reservations.


John Mansour represents the highest standards of the legal profession: his relationship and work with us has always been and continues to be of the highest caliber, reflecting his consistent commitment to professionalism, fairness, accuracy, and legal acumen. All the work he has done for us has been forwarded and completed only after we have completely understood all the nuances and variables involved. Any questions we have needed to have answered have been handled quickly and efficiently, and Mr. Mansour will often go several extra miles to be sure the work at hand has been completed to the highest caliber. I recommend John Mansour, Esq., without hesitation and with enthusiasm.

Pieter Jan Van Niel, PhD.

John Mansour's integrity, honesty, and strong work ethic not only make him one of the best lawyers in the industry but also a good friend who will help you through a difficult situation. John truly cares about you and ensuring that you understand and are comfortable with the process - I felt absolutely confident in his abilities at every point. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all of the guidance, care and results he and his staff delivered with our case.